Beard Soaps, Oils, and Yak horn combs

I do not recommend using shampoo on your beard. In fact since I started using Beard soaps I have stopped shampoo use altogether. My first beard soap is called Alcatraz Rock Beard Bar available from Beard Care Products.  Image

Ingredients are Saponified Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Soybean Oil, golden jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Vegetable Oil, Wax Colorant, Fragrance Oil.

I really enjoy this Beard Bar which produces a great lather and has a fresh, invigorating sent. In spite of having so much oil in the ingredients it leaves the hair squeaky clean. Literally  Because the hair is so squeaky clean I tend to use some jojoba oil as a conditioner after the wash.  I like to use this before going out to meet with people or before going to church as it just feels and smells so fresh.

Another soap bar I have been using is called Pure Skin Pine Tar Soap.


Ingredients are Saponified Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Pine Tar (20%), Castor Oil, Evening Primrose Oil & Avocado Oil.

This soap is an acquired taste and one I appreciate from time to time. It also produces a great lather and I use it to wash my whole body. “Pine Tar Soap has been used in the treatment of carbuncles and skin diseases, such as psoriasiseczema, and rosacea.”

according to Wikipedia. Anyway I have noticed healthier less dried out looking skin. This is very important as my skin is getting up in age.

Variety of Beard Care Soap bars

Variety of Beard Care Soap bars

Beard Care also make other varieties of Beard soaps such as Denali Caribou Beard Bar, Wild Side Beard Bar, and Botanical Beard Bar which I will be testing and reporting on soon, but they all have wonderful, manly, yet wife approved, aromas. I look forward to trying each variety for a week or so to get a good feel for the product but I suspect I will like them all and have a hard time picking a favorite.

You can try one or more yourself, order here

I have never been one to use liquid soaps and when I first tried Dr. Bronner’s Magic SoapIMG_4094 I was not a big fan of the liquid. However, after some continued usage I am becoming a fan. There are so many varieties one doesn’t know which one to try first. I started with 18-1 Hemo CITRUS ORANGE PURE-CASTILE Soap. This is a Certified Fair Trade product if that is important to you.


The nice thing about the liquid is that you can blend in extra ingredients or dilute to suit your specific needs and tastes. It produces a good lather and because I added some extra jojoba, and tree tea oil to the mix it conditions as it cleans so it is not so squeaky clean after the rinse. I can just towel dry and rake.

Speaking of rakes, combs and brushes I will be reviewing many of the ones I have been buying and trying  including some hand made combs made out of Yak horns from Tibet.


I have been collecting various combs, bakelite, hard rubber, plastic, wood, copper, cellulose acetate  among other materials. Some from very distinguished comb makers in Germany and the United Kingdom. Some infused with oils and vitamins even. Who would have thought. Anyway check back for those reviews as well as a test of Kumarika nourishing hair oil from Sri Lanka Lime & Dill Dandruff control.

So lets get back to the Dr Bronner’s liquid soap.


Being able to add ingredients is fun for experimenting and the liquid soap in this case is good for the whole body and rinses well leaving one feeling fresh and clean. It has not burned my eyes as my previous soap and shampoo used to do. That is a big plus in itself.

I am rotating through the different soaps and rarely use the same one twice in a row. Also been trying a bar of Grandma’s Lye soap which leaves me feeling extremely clean and disinfected as well as clearing up skin rash and skin itching. I was actually using Dove moisturizing bars recommended by my dermatologist and having a persistent rash. I found out many of today’s modern “soaps”‘ are not really soap but detergent and not good for skin at all. I had been accepting the bad looking skin as old age but since using these new natural products it is as if I have found the fountain of youth.

Dr Bronner has a very interesting history you can find on their website. I found it both interesting and inspiring check it out if you get a minute.

Started reading One Thousand Beards by Allan Peterkin and am enjoying it very much after being very disappointed by Jack Passion’s book.

The 24th of May will be my seventh month into this great beard journey and I will post some updated pictures. In the meantime may I suggest you stop shaving. It is an amazing experience. Today I had two people come up and start conversations because of my beard. The first was a man in his 60s who came over to our table at Panera Bread to ask me a few questions. He said, “Can I ask you a question?” I replied that’s one, would you like to ask another? we talked for 20 minutes. Then in the checkout line at Sam’s club a man from Missouri made a comment about my having the nicest beard he had ever seen. Thank you, I said, and my wife continued the conversation with him as he completed his checkout. Although the conversations began about the beard they continued to include a variety of subjects. I can only imagine what it will be like after another six months of growing. I will be reporting the stories here along with more product reviews and beard revelations. Thanks for reading, see ya next time.

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